The Ford Transit Van High Top

Large carrying capacity which allows us to provide our avionics service and carry all the equipment necessary for almost all Avionics testing and installation requirements. 1000Watt 230VAC inverter onboard to provide AC power for those remote locations.






Aeroflex IFR 6000

This new piece of equipment is a precision simulator that enables one person to functionality test airborne transponder (XPDR) modes A/C/S, altitude encoders, distance measuring equipment (DME) systems, TCAS I and II and ADS-B equipped transponders and 1090 MHz emitters.





Aeroflex IFR 4000

The IFR 4000 is a Flight Line or Ramp Test Set for testing ILS (LOC & GS), VOR, Marker Beacon, HF/VHF/UHF Communications (NAV/COMM) Systems, SWR  and with the ELT Option, 121.5/243 MHz Short Range Emergency Beacons and 406 MHz COSPAS/SARSAT Long Range Emergency Beacons.






Preston PS-525

This digital Pitot-Static test set is fully portable and has internal pressure and vacuum pumps operated by an internal 24VDC battery, which enables the test set to be used completely independent of any external power source. The PS-525 also includes an encoder reader which will display gray code of altitude encoders. Range 18 to 650knots in airspeed and -1500ft to 35000ft in altitude. Accurate to 0.1knot in airspeed and 1 foot in altitude.





WS Technologies BT100AVtriple

A comprehensive ELT / Beacon tester which decodes the 406 MHz message and measures the 406 MHz transmitter, the 121.5 MHz transmitter, and the 243 MHz transmitter (if present).

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