USD$3,195.00USD$4,995.00 (excl GST)

Replace Aircraft Gauges with Electronic Displays

  • Flush mounts in a standard 3 1/8″ instrument cutout.
  • Attitude, altitude airspeed, CDI, HSI, MFD or EIS.
  • Backup battery option, minimum of 60 minutes.
  • Available with precise digital ADAHRS.
  • Interface to drive selected legacy autopilots.
  • Connectivity with WiFi or Bluetooth.

Fit 2 x GI275 instruments with backup batteries and ADAHRS and remove your Vacuum system and old instruments.

Contact us for more information. There is a lot to consider before committing to a system like this. The prices reflected here are fore stand alone instruments only. Some of the GI275 models are not for over the counter sales, and must be installed by a Garmin Dealer.

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GI275 Electronic Instruments

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GI275 Variations

Primary ADI, Primary ADI, A/Pilot o/p, HSI/MFD, Stby ADI, HSI, MFD, CDI, EIS

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