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It’s the Autopilot Solution GA Aircraft Owners Have Been Waiting For

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Get us to install your GFC500 and get 10% off the GFC500 kit.

  • Cost-effective, precise and smooth in-flight characteristics, built-in self-monitoring capabilities and lower cost of ownership when compared to older autopilot systems
  • Designed for existing light single-engine piston, fixed-wing aircraft, click HERE for a list of supported aircraft. More models to follow.
  • Leverages certified G5 electronic flight instrument1, G500, G500 TXi2 for input & display of altitude preselect, heading, vertical speed, airspeed target & flight director cues
  • Robust feature set, including safety features such as underspeed and overspeed protection, a dedicated return-to-level (LVL) mode button, Garmin ESP (Electronic Stability and Protection), Flight Director (FD), coupled approaches and missed approaches when paired with a compatible navigator and much more
  • Offers 2-axis (pitch and roll) capabilities with optional pitch-trim; yaw damper optionally available on select aircraft
  • Modular system: Install a basic GFC500, build with extra functionality in mind later on.


  • ¹G5 Required. G5 sold separately.
  • ²G500 or G500 TXi require G5 as the standby flight instrument and the GAD™ 29B adapter.
  • ³VNAV mode requires GTN series navigator.

For more information on this product, follow the links below.
For a video on the above product please click HERE.

Systems start at USD$6995.00, please contact us for details.
There is a lot of pre-planning required with a system like this.

RESTRICTED: GFC500 – not for over the counter sales, must be installed by a Garmin Dealer.

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