NZD$36.23NZD$1,013.04 (excl GST)

Stratus ADS-B In – Cost Effective Solutions

  • Internal WAAS GPS receiver.
  • Optional external GPS antenna connection.
  • ADS-B In Traffic.
  • Most functionality via Foreflight.
  • Click the Link for compatable Apps.

Note: Stratus 3 & 3i Portable Connect is currently not allowed under NZCAA rules on certified aircraft without a modification.
Note: A lot of the features of the 3 & 3i are not available in NZ.

Government Grant:
Claim up to NZ$500.00+GST from the government with this unit.

For more information on this product, follow the links below.
Stratus 3
For Stratus 3 video tutorials click HERE.
Note: Many of the features shown in these videos are not available in NZ.

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Stratus 3 Variations

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