An Overview
– G3X Touch Experimental

Things to do and decide:

  1.  How many displays you want and what size
    7″ Portrait, 7″ Landscape, Dual 7″ Portrait
    10.6″ Landscape, 10.6″ Landscape with 7″ Portrait
    Your choice of combinations.
  2. For display cutout & LxHxD dimensions click HERE
  3.  What do you want out of the system
    PFD, MFD, PFD and MFD, EIS
  4. For a system Framework document click HERE
  5. For a PFD you will need to select and LRU Kit
  6. Next select install kits for each display and LRU kits
  7.  What are the best units to pair with the G3X system
  8. Decide what optional extras you want with the G3X

These are the absolute basics to consider before purchasing a G3X Touch system
Please contact us so we can go over your choices with you

Click HERE for a Garmin G3X (certified) information video

Explore the Possibilities

  • Advanced flight displays with built-in VFR WAAS GPS
  • Primary flight display (PFD) and multifunction display (MFD) capability plus optional highly configurable engine indication system (EIS) display
  • Native infrared touchscreen interface seamlessly blends with familiar buttons and knobs
  • Available in 10.6″ landscape, 7″ landscape and 7″ portrait display sizes; install up to 4 displays in any combination
  • Integrates with other Garmin avionics, allowing seamless control and display of information such as traffic, weather, radios, audio and more
  • Features built-in Connext® wireless technology for flight plan transfer and more with select Garmin portables and mobile device apps such as Garmin Pilot™