NZD$5,115.94 NZD$4,913.04 (excl GST)

All-inclusive ADS-B “Out” Transponder
Plus Basic ADS-B “In” for your IPad

  • We have put the following package together:
  • GTX335 ADSB Out 1090MHz Transponder with internal GPS.
  • GA35 WAAS GPS antenna.
  • GAE12 altitude encoder module.
  • GTX3x5 install kit.
  • ADS-B In: uAvionix pingUSB ADS-B receiver.

Government Grant:
Claim the maximum NZ$3000.00+GST from the government with this package.

For information on these products please follow the links below.
GTX335 with GPS                   pingUSB
Using GDL90 protocol, pingUSB works with the following Apps:
Foreflight, Oz Runways, EasyVFR, AirMate, SkyDemon

Price Breakdown:
GTX335 with GPS, with GPS Antenna, with GAE12 Encoder.
RRP USD$3200.00, Special USD$2958.57
uAvionics pingUSB ADS-B receiver,
RRP USD$220.00, Special USD$210.00

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