AVIDYNE – IFD550 & IFD540 – Comm/Nav/GPS

The IFD550 and IFD540 are a slide in replacement for the Garmin GNS530

Item Description

User Interface Made Simple
Hybrid Touch – Touch-Screen and dedicated Buttons/Knobs
Gives pilots the choice based on user preference during different phases of flight
‘Rubber-band’ graphical flight plan editing
MultiTouch allows for easy ‘pinch zoom’ capability

Slide-in replacement for GNS530/W. Uses existing tray and connectors and minimizes install costs

Flight Planning
Easy Airway Flight Planning with FMS Preview™
GeoFill™ makes flight plan and waypoint entry a snap
Enter & Edit Flight Plans in a fraction of the time of legacy navigators
FMS Vectors™ mode for FMS guidance through all phases of flight
2-channel Digital 10 Watt COM radio (16Watt optional)
– Auto frequency nomination
– One-touch Frequency List tuning
4-channel Digital NAV radio
– Autotunes, Identifies & Monitors NAV frequencies
– Virtually eliminates the need to manual tune NAV

Situational Awareness
Split FMS/Map pages
Color-contoured Terrain Base Map (FLTA)

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