Avionics Projects

Below is a selection of some Avionics Projects which have been carried out by Avionics Canterbury Wide Ltd.

ZK-EBH  PA-28-151     Dereks Upgrade Path

Nov 2018:
The GFC500 took no selling to Derek. He took all the options available for his aircraft – a second Garmin G5 HSI and electric pitch trim. A Garmin GTX335 was added to give ADS-B.
Mar 2017:
When Derek saw the Garmin G5, he came straight back to us. He wanted it. End of story.
Nov 2016:
Dereks panel was very basic. He approached us with a proposal to upgade his aircraft gradually. Initially this consisted of removal of outdated and poor quality Avionics, and the installation of good proven Garmin equipment. We purchased a GNS430 on his behalf and sent it to Garmin under the GNS430W Upgrade/Overhaul scheme. A backup KX125 Com/Nav, a GMA340 audio panel, a KI209A & KI203 CDI and a Tallon dual USB port were added to complete the installation.
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ZK-JCW  Cessna 180K – Hugh – Loyal Customer

Hugh has used my services right back to when I first started. Since then he has had the following work done on JCW.
Nov 2018:
Garmin GTX335 with GPS and GAE12 installation.
May 2018:
Garmin G5 Installation.
Jun 2014:
Garmin Aera795 installation.
Icom IC-F110 VHF FM radio, Parrot Cell system and TrackPlus GP tracker.
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ZK-HJC  Kawasaki BK117 B-2 Westpac Rescue Helicopter

Aug 2018:
One of our biggest jobs ever.
A full IFR capable upgrade of the main Westpac Rescue Helicopter for GCH Aviation.
Equipment installed – 2x GTN650H Com/Nav/GPS, 2x GI106A CDIs, GTX345 ADS-B In and Out transponder, 2x MD41 GTN annunciator units, and a MD41 HeliTAWs annunciator, Flitecell DZMx Sat/Cell/tracking, as well as a number of other aircraft mods.
All units were modified for NVIS operation.
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Jan 2018:
Andrew had very old individual Collins comms and nav units. He chose the Garmin GTN650 Com/Nav/GPS with a Flightstream510 and GNC255 ComNav with a new GI106A CDI as replacements. A GDC31 roll steering computer was added to improve autopilot performance with GPS. Also added to the installation was the engine analyser a JPI EDM830.

ZK-ROL   Cessna A185F – VFR upgrade

Nov 2017:
After having seen other instalations, about a year later  Andrew brought his aircraft back to have a JPI EDM830 engine Analyzer installed.
Aug 2016:
The owner Andrew Tilbey decided to remove the outdated and failing avionics and to install all new Garmin equipment. The GMA350Hc, is a bluetooh voice command operated audio selector panel (albeit in an american accent), connected to two GTR225 VHF transcievers. Along with this is the GTX335, the latest Garmin ADSB transponder with integrated GPSW reciever and GAE12 altitude encoder, and for VFR GPS navigation the Garmin Aera 500 has been used.

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ZK- PJB   Cessna U206G – Full Avionics upgrade

June 2017:
Ian decided to put in a new engine and a variable pitch prop. As part of this installation he decided to install a  JPI EDM930 primary engine monitoring system. Since this installation Ian has replaced all the instrument panel trim and it looks amazing.
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Dec 2015:
This aircraft was purchased by Ian Penny, who after having a number of radio failures decided to upgrade his Avionics. The upgrade includes a bluetooth audio panel
PS Engineering PMA8000C, Garmin GTN650 ComNavGPS, Garmin GNC255A ComNav, Aspen EFD1000Pro electronic flight display, Garmin Flightstream 210 bluetooth interface, Garmin GTX33ES blind ADSB transponder. This aircraft is currently VFR but could very easily be made IFR. Avionics projects like this do not come up often.

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ZK-TKB    Rans S7 – Lycoming Engine – Super STOL.

This aircraft was built by Phil Meredith with the assistance of Arnold Gallagher. All of the electrical, instrument and radio wiring installation was carried out  by myself and even though this aircraft is not a certified aircraft all the avionics and wiring have been installed IAW GA rules and standards. The aircraft has a full stereo Flightcom 403 intercom and the VHF transceiver is an Icom IC-A200. Instrumentation is standard with the addition of the AvMap Ultra EFIS. Standard magnetos were replaced with a Plasma II+ electronic ignition and a PMag (self powered programmable electronic ignition, bolt on magneto). Phil added the IPad.

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ZK-WRM    Murphy Elite kit build.

A Murphy Elite built by Will Morris, Rob and Kirsty Maxwell and assisted by Arnold Gallagher. They contacted me early on in the project to plan the installation of the Avionics equipment. Even though this aircraft is not a certified aircraft all the avionics and wiring have been installed IAW GA rules and standards. The aircraft has a Dynon Skyview with full ADAHRS and engine monitoring package. The intercom is a full stereo Flightcom 403LSA and the VHF transceiver is an Icom IC-A210. This was a great avionics projects, and Rob, Kirtsy and Will were great to work with.

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 ZK- BDE    Cessna 180 Restoration

The restoration and rebuild of this aircraft was carried out by Arnold Gallagher. Arnold approached me early on in the project to carry out a full re-wire of the whole airframe, including installation of a Xerion CRM2100 engine monitoring system, Garmin GMA340 audio panel, GNC420 Com/GPS, SL30 Com/Nav and a GTX330 transponder. Avionics Projects like these don’t come along very often. Arnold wanted a superb job done with attention to detail as well as functionality. Avionics projects like this do not come up often.

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Titan T51 Mustang and Mk26B Supermarine Spitfire Instalations at Loburn Abbey

Since starting Avionics Canterbury Wide, I have worked on and off at Loburn Abbey for Ivan Campbell of Campbell Aero Classics on various avionics projects including the Titan T51 Mustang and the Supermarine Mk26B Spitfire. To date I have  wired up six Mustangs (two currently under construction) for Ivan, one for a private customer and three for Mike Crene of Kiwi Mustangs in Matamata.
I have also assisted Ivan in the wiring of three Mk26B Supermarine Spitfires (two currently under construction).

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ZK-LRA   Technam P92 Echo Classic

This aircraft is a Class2 microlite. Russel Ainsworth the owner wanted an Icom IC-A210E and a Trig TT21 mode S transponder installed. As Russel wanted the Trig in the position in the photo, this required movement of the Dynon EMS-D10 to its current location.

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