About Us

Avionics Canterbury Wide Ltd started business in March 2006 with lots of encouragement from some of its now very loyal and supportive customers.

Who is Avionics Canterbury Wide?

David Harnett:                   Director, and Avionics Technician L.A.M.E (licensed aircraft                                                                        maintenance engineer).
Angela Harnett:                 Director, administration and accounts
Kelly Phillips:                       L.A.M.E. Avionics Technician (started April 2019)
Muhammad Hidyat :         Technician                  (started Sept 2018)
Amy Erikson:                       Office Manager


I (David) started my career in the RNZAF as an Avionics apprentice in January 1985 and soon after qualified as an Avionics Technician. During my 21 years of service I have worked on the following aircraft: A4K Skyhawk, BAC Strikemaster, C130 Hercules, Boeing 727, Bell UH-1H Iroquios, Bell 47 Sioux, Westland Wasp. I have also worked in and been in charge of the Instrument Bay at RNZAF Base Whenuapai, where we carried out servicing on autopilot systems, gyros, engine instruments, pitot static and flight instruments, compass systems, night vision and gyro stabilised binocular systems, oxygen and liquid oxygen systems.
During my time on the Westland Wasp, I was posted for 2 years on to HMNZS Waikato and then for 2 years on HMNZS Canterbury . I also served on HMNZS Endeavour and HMNZS Monowai. During these 2 tours with the Navy, I sailed to the Auckland and Campbell Islands, all around Australia, right through the Pacific Islands and through a fair bit of Asia. The RNZAF was an exciting place to be during the late 80s and 90s, and I had a great time. Unfortunately the RNZAF does not prepare its non-commissioned personnel very well for release to civilian life, the low pay and the lack of qualifications on release mean that most take lower paying jobs outside of aviation. I was lucky in that a friend convinced me to do my aircraft maintenance engineering licences (L.A.M.E.) so that when I left I had something to go to. I feel lucky and very grateful to have my family, a great lifestyle in Fernside and my business – Avionics Canterbury Wide Ltd.

David and Angela Harnett of Avionics Canterbury Wide Ltd.
David and Angela

Avionics Canterbury Wide Ltd started off life on the 29 Mar 2006 as Harnett Mobile Avionics but was soon changed to the more suitable title. I had previously canvassed Canterbury looking for work and was convinced by many of my now loyal customers to start my own business. Primary in this was Pat Scotter of Rangiora Aircraft Engineering, Ivan Campbell of Campbell Aero Classics and Lyn Stead the Chief Engineer at Canterbury Aeroclub. Lyn set me a test to repair one of their flight simulators which I managed to do. Other technicians in the area had failed to find the problem so he was very pleased and the Aeroclub has supported my business ever since. Word spread that there was another new face in the Avionics scene in Canterbury and with that came more customers.

New Faces

Kelly Phillips is a fully licenced L.A.M.E. Avionics engineer and has 30 yrs plus industry experience. He started his career at Instrument Services Ltd in Blenheim and since then has worked at Helipro and more recently Fieldair Engineering.

Muhammad Hidyat, started with us in September 2018. He has recently completed a 2 year course at the Air New Zealand Training School. This comprised of a 1 year basic aviation engineering course, and the second year the more advanced EASA course (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Amy Erikson is our new office manager